November 5, 2011
Trent Glaze, Student Who “is Asian”, Scores Touchdown In Final Game

Trent Glaze always gives 110 percent.

The Ohio high school student, who has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair is of Chinese decent, always dreamed of playing football. But physical limitations made it impossible, ABC reported. That didn’t stop him from joining the Fairfield Union High School football team, according to his interview with ABC.

After the clock ran out on Friday’s game against Teay’s Valley High, Glaze had one of his biggest wishes come true, according to the Lancaster Eagle Gazette. Both teams took the field for one last play, and the senior wheeled walked himself into the end zone for a touchdown. “I still get butterflies thinking about it,” he told local station 10TV.

Glaze was also named a team captain this year, and even took the school’s homecoming king crown, according to the local station. But nothing seems to top this experience. “It was his opportunity to shine,” Fairfield Union coach Tom McCurdy told 10TV. “He’s my right-hand man. He’s always telling me what we need to do [and] what needs to improve.”

According to the Gazette, McCurdy says Glaze one day hopes to become a coach himself, and he could see it happening. “His goal is he wants to coach. He listens hard to what we try to teach, and he gets after the guys,” the coach said.


The only time a Chinese guy is allowed to “shine” is after the game is over. Glad they let him play to his abilities as a coach though—he’s probably great at statistical analysis…

Yea, this definitely seems kind of abilist.

(Source: The Huffington Post)

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